We offer the following services

IT Strategies and Solutions

Through assessment of the current environment and analysis of the requirements and business goals we guide the customer through the choice and implementation of a compelling IT solution from end to end. Proven experience for NGO in the typical environment of a developing country is an additional asset we can provide.

Project Management

Using the experience from years of complex projects in multicultural environment we are able to coordinate teams and focus the resources to drive in the proper direction towards the same result.


Delivering a technical project is just a small part of a comprehensive solution. Education is part of an end to end service to our customers to let them manage the solution on their own. A proven experience of growing skills and competencies of previous customers are a reference for this.

Team Management and Building

Having always worked in a team and had the direct responsibility of resources coming from different culture  we fully understand the importance and dynamics of a good team coordination and motivation to create a safe and enjoyable working environment.

Some References from Linkedin Profile

If required formal references from previous customers are available